Electrical drawings in AutoDesk AutoCAD®

ELPROCAD xt makes your work more effec­tive in AutoDesk AutoCAD®.

ELPROCAD xt is con­tin­u­ous­ly upgrad­ed with new func­tions and sup­ports both AutoCAD® 2020 and 2021 as well as DWG 2018.

ELPROCAD xt 2020

New ver­sion


With ELPROCAD xt 2021, we improve project and documentation management and make drawing editing easier.

New in 2021.11

AutoDesk® Vault and SharePoint

Support for the doc­u­ment man­age­ment systems AutoDesk® Vault and Share Point. Separate AutoDesk/SharePoint and ELPROCAD licens­es needed.

AutoDesk® Vault
Dölj på utskrift med ELPROCAD ic 2021.11

New in 2021.11

Hide on print

New func­tion Hide on print, lets you move objects to a spe­cif­ic lay­er that is hid­den when printing.

New in 2021.5

AutoCAD® 2021

Supports both AutoCAD® 2020 and 2021, sim­ply choose when start­ing up.

Autodesk AutoCAD®
ELPROCAD Vattenstämpel

New in 2021.5


New func­tion for adding water­marks in draw­ings and reports when gen­er­at­ing PDF files.

New in 2021.5

New icons for 4K screens

Upgraded icon set, adapt­ed to 4K screens.

ELPROCAD nya ikoner
ELPROCAD ic 2021 - Clickable cross references

New in 2021.2

Clickable cross references

When cre­at­ing PDF doc­u­ments, there is now also the func­tion with click­able cross and sig­nal ref­er­ences. Click on a cross or sig­nal ref­er­ence to direct­ly jump to the cor­rect page in the PDF document.

New in 2021.2

PDF settings

Extended options for print­ing PDF files, where you can now choose col­or set­tings, paper size, ori­en­ta­tion, scale and more.

ELPROCAD ic 2021 - PDF settings
ELPROCAD ic 2021 - External documents

New in 2021.2

External documents

Attach sup­ple­men­tary doc­u­ments with your project direct­ly to the project tree, which can also be includ­ed in the PDF file.

New in 2021.2

Edit PLC box

Improved han­dling for edit­ing a PLC box after­wards and updat­ed func­tion­al­i­ty for import­ing sig­nal files to a PLC box.




ELPROCAD xt 2020 supports AutoCAD 2020 and the latest DWG 2018 format

ELPROCAD xt 2020

New in 2020

Support for Autodesk AutoCAD 2020

ELPROCAD xt 2020 is com­pat­i­ble with AutoCAD 2020 and the DWG 2018 format.

New in 2020

Searchable project documentation

ELPROCAD xt auto­mat­i­cal­ly col­lects and cre­ates search­able PDF:s.

See video of PDF-generation

New in 2020

Customized project templates

Work between projects with cus­tomized forms, reports, logos and devices – and share tem­plates between networks.

See video of cus­tomized project templates

New in 2020

Upgraded user interface

Work faster with cus­tom toolsets, smart but­tons and tabs.

New in 2020

Download, install and start drawing

Simplified Windows 10 instal­la­tion and pow­er­ful deploy­ment with MSI packages.

See video of instal­la­tion and activation

New in 2020

Software keys and check outs

Check in and out when­ev­er you want, with­out hard­ware lock, and admin­is­trate your licens­es on My Pages

More about license administration

Updated CAD engine

ELPROCAD runs on AutoCAD 2020.

Improved support for Windows 10

30 days free trial

System require­ments: Windows 8 or 10, 64 bit, 8 GB RAM
License: Single or Network
Language: English, Swedish, Danish


Special requests?

Feel free to contact us regarding any special software customization.

We have very long expe­ri­ence in soft­ware devel­op­ment along with var­i­ous CAD pro­grams. We also offer to help you with devel­op­ing spe­cif­ic sym­bols, draw­ing forms, reports, data con­nec­tions, and more.