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1. Find a solution

Find answers to com­mon tech­ni­cal issues at our helpdesk, or read our man­u­als and guides in our documentation.

Also check out the Getting Started Guide and the man­u­als that came with your software.

2. Order Service agreement

Support can be obtained through either Service Agreement or Support Hours.

Service Agreement gives you access to the lat­est ver­sions, con­tin­u­ous updates, and support.

You recent­ly pur­chased ELPROCAD license have received 12 months Service Agreement on the purchase.

3. Contact our Support

If you have a Service Agreement or Support Hours, please con­tact us via the sup­port form on ”My Pages”.

  1. Log in to My Pages
  2. Go to ”New sup­port ticket”
  3. Fill in the form
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